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Urban (for Apple Watch)

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A minimalist watch face with five color combinations and detailed complications screens. Everything is just a tap away: if you are in the mood for a new color, just tap the middle of the dial and enjoy a different watch face.

Each complication has two or more detailed data screens:

  • Weather shows temperatures and status icons for the next 10 hours, plus high-low values and current UV.
  • The rain complication shows precipitation values and wind strength for the next 10 hours.
  • The solar complication shows sunrise, sunset, solar noon and day length, as well as moonrise, moonset, solar midnight and moon distance, plus moon phase.
  • The calendar complication shows a summary of your calendar events and reminders as well as full-screen events and reminders with 4 items. Also a full-screen calendar for the current and next month.


Watch face: middle tap invokes new colors.
Weather screen: middle tap switches between temperatures and status icons.
Rain screen: middle tap switches between precipitation and wind.
Solar screen: middle tap switches between sun and moon.
Calendar screen: on summary page, tapping on calendar and reminder boxes show detailed screens. Calendar icon invokes calendar. Other tap areas are signaled by buttons.

NOTE Animations in the video are for the video only, Watchy screen transitions are not animated on your watch.

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Urban (for Apple Watch)

0 ratings
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